Group Tours

Do you want to embark on a unique tour of Asia? Do you want to explore some of the fascinating cultures in the Far East? Or do you want to push yourself to the limit on an adventure tour that has no equal? Please follow us on a mystical journey across some of the most mysterious countries in the world. We design group activities around the culture of a specific place rather than around standard tourist attractions. You can choose the tour that interests you, or even subscribe to several of them if you really want to explore the country fully. Come join us on an exploration of authentic local culture!

Cultural Tour in Shanxi

11 days £1180pp.
Shanxi, with its unrivalled view of the Loess Plateau, is considered to be “the museum of ancient Chinese architecture”. In Shanxi you will find Buddhist grottoes, ancient towns and villages, castle-like grand compounds, stunning views of the amazing Yellow River and a temple that is literally hanging on the side of a cliff-face. If nothing else, you can’t afford to miss the Hanging Temple, one of the architectural wonders of the world.

Hiking along the wild Great Wall

5 days £650pp.
This hiking tour is perfect for anyone who wants:
1. To see the wild Great Wall;
2. To hike along the Great Wall;
3. To learn about the history of the Great Wall;
4. To sample authentic Beijing-style cuisine and traditional snacks;
5. To experience daily life in a Chinese Quadrangle;
6. To have open discussions about the Great Wall and Chinese culture with like-minded people.

Explore the Silk Road in China

15 days from £1,980 pp.
This tour begins at the very source of the Silk Road, starting in Xi’an and ending in Ürümqi. From towering mountains to the sandy expanse of the Gobi Desert, we’ll cover all kinds of exotic terrain.

Discover the Ancient Chinese Villages in the Huizhou Region

7 days £780pp.
The ancient villages in the Huizhou region exhibit the sheer beauty of Chinese art and architecture perfectly. This region also has a fascinating history behind it. All of the villages look like a perfect set for a kung-fu movie and, as a matter of fact, several famous kung-fu movies have been filmed here.

Explore the distinctive Tulou(Earthen Structure)

5 days/£680pp 7days/£880pp.
South Fujian is the homeland of the Hoklo and Hakka people. Hidden in the mountainous regions of Fujian, both of them have their own unique culture and history. We will stay in the traditional Earthen Houses (Tulou) that the locals have lived in for hundreds of years, in order to truly experience what local life is like. The natural scenery here is stunningly beautiful and the atmosphere is so peaceful that you can’t help but feel relaxed.

The First Full Moon Festival in Pingyao

7 days from £800pp.
Let’s go to celebrate the First Full Moon Festival in Pingyao ancient town brimming with traditional Chinese culture, meanwhile to visit the Shanxi Grand Compounds, the magical Hanging Temple, the miserable Yungang Grottoes and other historical attractions in Shanxi.

Chinese Culture through the Ages

15 Days from £2,200 pp.
From Dynasties to the Digital Age: Experience China’s Changing Culture on a Tour of its most Celebrated Landmarks. From the ancient towns to modern city, from the delicate arts to stunning land view.

Explore the culture of Ethnic minorities in Southeast Guizhou

12 Days from £1,750 pp.
This is a distinctive experience to discover some cultures indescribably different from your own. The special architecture and stunning scenery is so awe-inspiring, so unforgettably beautiful, that it will more than make up for any inconvenience you face there.

Cycling in the grassland of Inner Mongolia (6 Days £750pp)

This is a 6-day activity that includes 3 days of cycling through the grassland and a one-day tour in Chengde city. We will spend one and half days travelling through China to the grassland, which serves as a wonderful opportunity for participants to enjoy the beautiful, passing landscapes.

Hutongs & the Wild Great Wall (6 Days £750pp)

You may want to visit the Hutong districts and the wild Great Wall when in Beijing, but you just don’t have the time to do both. No need to worry! On this tour we have combined the two activities together and saved time by selecting only the most popular and attractive places to visit.