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Do you want to embark on a unique tour of Asia? Do you want to explore some of the fascinating cultures in the Far East? Or do you want to push yourself to the limit on an adventure tour that has no equal? Please follow us on a mystical journey across some of the most mysterious countries in the world. We design group tours around the culture of a specific place rather than around standard tourist attractions.

Explore Chinese Culture through the Ages

Tour in 2018: 25th of March – 8th of April / 15th of Oct – 29th of Oct 

From Dynasties to the Digital Age: Experience China’s Changing Culture on a Tour of its most Celebrated Landmarks 

It is impossible to see all of the stunning attractions that China has to offer in one trip, but a well-designed tour will afford you the opportunity to discover many of its most celebrated landmarksand follow the fascinating historical timeline that has led to China as we know it today. join us on our tour, where we’ll discover how Chinese culture adapted from imperial times right through to the modern day. And we’ll tackle a couple of the country’s most scenic mountains while we’re at it! [find more]


 Explore the distinctive Tulou(Earthen Structure)

Tours in 2018:  20th of Sep – 26th of Sep

Tours in 2019:  28th of Mar – 3rd of Apr 

Our unforgettable tour will allow you to engage with the unique South Min culture and explore a whole new side of China! 

It is known throughout China as the homeland of the Hoklo and the Hakka people. These ethnic minorities have their own unique cultures and speak their own dialects. Alongside their unique dialects, they are famed for living in an unusual type of dwelling known as a “Tulou” or “Earthen Structure”. Hidden within the lofty mountains of Fujian province, these peculiar structures blend seamlessly with their natural surroundings and entering one is like discovering a whole new world; a microcosm of culture and history. [find more]


Explore the Ancient Chinese Villages in the Huizhou Region

Tour in 2019: 27th of Oct – 2nd of Nov

If you’ve ever wanted to wander through the picturesque villages that you see in many Chinese martial arts films, Huizhou is the place to fulfil that dream!

With their snowy white-washed walls and charcoal black-tile roofs, the ancient villages dotted throughout the Huizhou region look like a scene torn straight from a Chinese ink painting. It was once the ancestral home of numerous successful merchants, renowned politicians, and illustrious scholars. It was these Hui merchant families that were responsible for the glorious Hui architecture that you’ll find in Huizhou today. [find more]


Explore the culture of Ethnic minorities in Southeast Guizhou

Tours in 2018: 27th of Apr – 8th of May / 7th of Sep – 18th of Sep

Our epic adventure tour places you right at the heart of mountainous Guizhou province, a region in China so remote that its natural beauty has remained virtually untouched.

We’ll venture deep into the countryside and encounter people whose ancient folk customs date back over hundreds of years. The majority of the tour will be dedicated to visiting villages inhabited by two of China’s most fascinating ethnic minorities: the Dong people and the Miao people. Famed for their passionate folk songs and vibrant dances, a performance in a Dong or Miao village is a truly unforgettable experience. [find more]


Explore the Silk Road in China

Tour in 2018: 7th of Jul – 21st of Jul

The legendary Silk Road is living proof that the path to adventure is almost always a long one, but is wrought with exciting surprises.

The Silk Road was not solely used for commercial trade, but was also a point of cultural exchange between various ethnic groups in China, Central Asia, west Asia, and Europe. Thus the road is littered with ancient treasures, stunning works of art, and unique styles of architecture.

This tour begins at the very source of the Silk Road, starting in Xi’an and ending in Ürümqi. From towering mountains to the sandy expanse of the Gobi Desert, we’ll cover all kinds of exotic terrain. [find more]