Cycling in the grassland of Inner Mongolia (6 Days £750pp)




Have you been to grassland before? The ‘green sea’ is boundless, as far as the eye can see. Horses and sheep are scattering everywhere, enjoying their happy life. Mongolian yurts look like huge white flowers, blooming on the grass.

Most people prefer to come in the autumn, because the grassland would become colourful, and the sky is more blue and clear.

Cycling in grassland in the autumn, you would get the feeling like a happy bird to fly in a fantastic fairyland.

Besides, if you are a fun of photographing, there is no reason to miss this magnificent place.

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Key words: Cycling, Grassland, Inner Mongolia, Colour Autumn, Mongolian yurt, Buildings by Qing Dynasty in Chengde, Lamaseries in Chengde.


The purpose of this activity:

  • To enjoy the cycling in grassland;
  • To try the Mongolian way horse-riding;
  • To experience sleeping in a Mongolian yurt;
  • To enjoy the beautiful landscape;
  • To visit Chengde Mountain Resort;
  • To find out Tibetan Buddhism culture in lamaseries.


We offer:

  • An English speaking leader for the cycling activity, as well as being the guide, to introduce every spot we will visit;
  • Mountain bike (if you prefer to use yours, please bring it with you);
  • A mini coach to accompany, in case some one gets problem and needs help;
  • All accommodation and transport during the activity;
  • Small groups (no more than 10 people);
  • A pdf file of the knowledge of Chengde Mountain Resort and the lamaseries around there.


Important notification:

Although the level of this cycling activity is moderate, it will just last 3 days, and roughly no more than 150km per day, please make sure you are strong enough to make it.

To join this activity, you must be sure that you can accept to sleep in the Mongolian yurt for 2 nights, 4 or 5 people share one. You are advised to bring your sleeping bag with you.

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More details about the activity



This is a 6-day activity including 3 days for cycling in the grassland, one-day tour in Chengde city. We have one and half days on the transport, however, it is still a good chance to enjoy the beautiful landscape.


The introduction of the places we will visit:

Bashang (坝上) Grassland

inner mongolia-wulanbutongThe Banshang Grassland is a part of Inner Mongolian Plateau, covering 350 square kilometres. The average altitude is 1500 metres. In the summer, the weather in this area is cool, that is why the emperors of Qing Dynasty (1644-1912) built a palace (named Mountain Resort) to for their summer life in this area.

 Of course there is not just grass in the Banshang Grassland, various sceneries show their beauty together – wetland, forest, lake and river. The trees are especially beautiful in the autumn. You will find it seems like a fantastic painting. And among all trees, the white birch is undoubtedly the most amazing one.



Chengde Mountain Resort

From 1703 to 1792, the Qing Dynasty took 89 years to build this large complex of imperial palaces and gardens. It seems like a small China, the layout is designed according to the landform distribution of China, and it is also a rich collection of Chinese architecture – gardens, buildings and pagodas from a variety of regions of China.

The weather of Beijing in the summer was usually very hot, so the emperors of Qing Dynasty preferred to spent several months here to escape the summer heat. Their ancestor was from the grassland, and it seemed that they preferred the grassland to Beijing city.


Eight Outlying Temples

the Mountain ResortThe Mountain Resort and its Outlying Temples were together listed in World Heritage.

Actually there are 12 temples around the Mountain Resort, the ‘Eight Outlying Temple’ refer to the eight temples in the north of it. Among these eight temples, there are three temples named Putuo Zongcheng Temple, Xumi Fushou Temple and Puning Temple have larger scale and are most popular.

These 12 temples can be divided into Tibetan temple, Han temple and Tibetan-Han mix temple. Every temple was built for some political purpose.





5 days accommodation in total;

3 days in 3 star hotels in cities;

2 days in Mong0lian yurt.



5 breakfasts and 5 dinners in total;

1 Mongolian favour dinner with lamb;

1 Chengde favour dinner with Dumplings and Lamb Shumai;

1 North China Favour dinner;

2 simple dinners in the grassland area.

Note: We will have picnic lunch during cycling, please prepare food for two days lunch in Jingpeng, where is our first stop. Or you prepare in Beijing, before our departure, because you can’t buy anything you want in a small city Jingpeng. Our suggestion is to bring some food that is not easy to expire from Beijing, and also to buy some fresh one in Jingpeng.



A mini coach will bring us, as well as all bikes, into the grassland area, and will also take us back Beijing city.


Time Arrangement:

It is a moderate level cycling activity, we will cycle nearly 400km in three days, but will not be in a rush and tough situation. So everyday we will start cycling at 9:30 AM and finish roughly around 5:00 PM. During the cycling time, we will also have enough break to enjoy the landscape; you can take chance to do some photographing.



  • £750 per person;
  • £910 per person for single room in 3 star hotel.

Including: 5nights accommodation, 5 breakfasts and 5 dinners with local flavour, bike hire, horse-riding, coach, all entrance for attractions (Five attractions in the grassland and five attractions in Chengde), English guide service, a pdf file about knowledge of the Mountain Resort and Eight Outlying Temples, further help for your following travel.


Minimal participants required in one group: 4

Maximal: 10

Date: 15 Oct – 20 Oct 2014



Day 1  Beijing – Jingpeng;  by coach  650km 7.5hours 

  1. Meet at 10:00 AM, departure at 10:30 AM, arrive around 6:00 PM;
  2. We will see the landscape on the coach including: the great wall, mountains, countryside villages and the grassland. Following our journey, less and less people will be in our view.


Day2  Jingpeng – Hongshan military horse ground; by cycling 125km 7hours(including break times)

  1. Departure at 9:30 AM;
  2. Three break will taken during the journey, 30mins for each;
  3. Arriving around 4:30 PM;
  4. Members can choose to cycling around inside Hongshan area or taking rest.

Note: Members who want to cycle around must be accompanied by the leader.


Day3  Cycling in Hongshan; by cycling 80km

  1. Horse-riding from 9:30 AM – 10:30 AM;
  2. Start cycling at 11:00 AM, heading for the Princess Lake;
  3. Come back the General Lake around 13:00, to have lunch;
  4. Heading for the Colourful Mountain, arrive around 3:30 PM; enjoy the scenery for one hour (cycling around or hiking around);
  5. Back guesthouse at 5:30;
  6. Members can choose to cycle around, of course must be accompanied by the leader.


Day4  Hongshan – Weichang – Chengde; by cycling 120km 5hours (including break time); by coach 140km, 2hours

  1. Departure at 9:30 AM, the first spot is the Moon Lake, to arrive around 10:20 AM;
  2. Follow the country road to Weichang, get through the white birch forest;
  3. We are lucky to enjoy the downhill, not the uphill, which also means we must be very careful to manage our bicycles.

Note: We will cycle across a forest area. We may be refused to come in because it is in the fire-alarm season. It happens sometimes. In this case we have to follow the motor road. The land view is no difference. But it may be more danger to cycle on the motor way in downhill direction.

  1. Arrive at Weichang around 14:30;
  2. Arrive at Chengdu around 17:00 (by coach);
  3. You are advised to have a walk in this historical city after dinner.


Day5  Chengde; a tour for Ding Dynasty culture and Buddhism culture

Five spots in our plan:

The Mountain Resort, Putuo Zongcheng Temple, Xumi Fushou Temple, Puning Temple and Puyou Temple.


Day6 Chengde – Beijing; 220km 3.5hours

Departure at 9:30 AM, arrive at Beijing around 1:00PM.



You can choose this activity as your whole travel plan in China, or just part of your exploration in this country. We can provide information and help for your following travel if you need. We also provide hotel booking, flight or train booking service for members’ travel in China outside these 6 days. We also would like to give the consultancy for your travel, such astravel plan and tips. All these services are free for all members that join this activity. If you have any request, please let us know as sooner as possible.


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We wish we would have a wonderful time together!

For any more information, please contact us:

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