Itinerary of Guizhou Tour

Day 1:

Arrive at Guiyang, the capital city of Guizhou province. We will arrange our meeting time according to everyone’s flights.

As the landmark of Guiyang City, Jiaxiu Tower is a traditional Chinese style building built in 1598, during the Ming Dynasty.

We will visit Jiaxiu Tower in the late afternoon and then we will have dinner nearby. After dinner, you can enjoy the view of the tower at night. You may get to see some local people setting off Chinese lanterns in the square. There’s also the opportunity to walk around and get a feel for local life in a typical Chinese city. Read more about Guiyang.

Accommodation: Four-star hotel.

Note: We can meet at the airport or the hotel. If your flight is in the late evening or the night, you may feel too tired to join us, so you can miss the dinner and go to the hotel directly if you wish.

Day 2:

Travel to Xijiang from Guiyang

Xijiang nightIt will take us 3 hours from Guiyang to Kaili, where we can stop and have  lunch. After that, it will take us about 1 hour to get to the village of Xijiang.

After a guided tour around the village, we may still have some time to explore the village freely before we have dinner.

Accommodation: Diaojiaolou Guesthouse

Dinner: Traditional Xijiang Miao Cuisine

Day 3

Xijiang Miao Village

Xijiang lifeWe will watch a traditional performance by the Miao people in the morning. After lunch, our guide will organise a hike up the nearby South Hill so we can enjoy a panoramic view of the whole village. Once we’re finished with the hike, everyone is free to enjoy exploring the village at their leisure.

We will go to Langde Upper Miao Village in the late afternoon.

Accommodation: Diaojiaolou Guesthouse

Dinner: Traditional Langde Miao Cuisine

Day 4

Langde Upper Miao Village

langde01After we’ve taken our guided tour and watched the traditional performance in the centre of the village, you are free to explore the village by yourself or stay with our guide and do some shopping. This would be the ideal opportunity to pick up a few souvenirs related to the Miao ethnic minority, including their jewelry and even their traditional clothes! There are many small shops for you to choose from, but you may need an interpreter to help you translate.

In the afternoon, we will go to the town of Rongjiang.

Accommodation: Three-Star hotel in Rongjiang.

Dinner: Traditional Guizhou-style Cuisine

Day 5

Sanbao Dong Village

Sanbao is a typical Dong ethnic minority village lying on the Duliu River Bank. In the morning, we will take a short hike along the river bank. In the afternoon, we will go to the town of Congjiang.

Accommodation: Three-Star hotel in Congjiang.

Dinner: Traditional Guizhou-style Cuisine

Basha haircuttingDay 6 

The Dong Village of Yintan and the Miao Village of Basha

In the morning, while it is still beautifully quiet, we will visit the isolated village of Yintan, and then return to Congjiang for lunch.

The afternoon in Basha will be a stark contrast, as the rowdy rifle displays and music performances we will enjoy are bound to be quite noisy!

Accommodation: Three-Star hotel in Congjiang.

Dinner: Traditional Guizhou-style Cuisine

Day 7

xiaohuang dong villageXiaohuang Dong Village

It is time to enjoy the incredible performance of the Dong people’s Kam Grand Choirs! Let’s do it in Xiaohuang, the celebrated “Village of Songs”.

In the late afternoon, we will travel to the village of Zhaoxing.

Accommodation: Zhaoxing Guesthouse

Dinner: Traditional Zhaoxing Dong Cuisine

Day 8

Zhaoxing Dong Village

zhaoxing01We will dedicate this entire day to exploring this beautiful Dong village. In particular, the five marvelous Drum Towers are an attraction not to be missed!

In the evening, we will have  a second chance to watch a traditional Dong performance in Zhaoxing.  Their performance will be noticeably different from the one we will have seen in Xiaohuang.

Accommodation: Zhaoxing Guesthouse.

Dinner: Traditional Zhaoxing Dong Cuisine

Day 9

The famous Wind-Rain Bridge of Chengyang Dong Village.

In the morning, we will go to Chengyang, which is home to the most beautiful Wind-Rain Bridge of all the Dong villages in China.

This is the last Dong village we will visit, so please feel free to explore at your own pace and soak up the atmosphere.

Accommodation: Well-equipped hotel in Chengyang.

Dinner: Traditional Chengyang Dong Cuisine

Day 10

Guizhou moutainous villageTravel to Guilin

Guilin is widely considered to be one of the most beautiful, if not the most beautiful, places in China according to many tourists. It will take us 3 hours to get there, but fortunately we will get to enjoy stunning views of the mountains along the way.

Accommodation: Three-Star hotel in Guilin

Dinner: Not included. Guests are free to explore the area and sample the local food themselves.

Day 11

Boat tour through the Karst mountains

Guilin 03The Li River, also known as Lijiang, is probably the most famous scenic spot in all of Guangxi. It is so prominent that a tableau of the Li River is featured on the Chinese 20 Yuan note. The river is surrounded by Karst Mountains, which boast such unusual shapes and verdant greenery that they have an almost mythical appearance.

We will take a bamboo raft down the Li River to experience the majesty of the Karst Mountains first hand. We will also stop to explore a natural Karst cave.

Accommodation: Three-Star hotel in Guilin

Dinner: Traditional Guangxi-style cuisine

Day 12

Once the tour has ended, you are free to head home or continue your travels in China alone. Guilin has an airport, from which you can easily fly to large cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, or Guangzhou.

If you plan on continuing your exploration of Guangxi, we strongly recommend you visit the town of Yangshuo. Resting on the Li River and surrounded by the Karst Mountains, this backpacker’s paradise is the ideal place to relax and meet a few fellow foreign travelers.


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