The First Full Moon Festival in Pingyao

first moon festival

Enjoy the Chinese First Full Moon Festival in a Traditional Old Chinese Town

7 Days from £800pp

Do you want to marvel at a temple that is literally hanging from a cliff? Do you want to stay in a monumental mansion which once belonged to a rich Chinese family? Do you want to celebrate the First Full Moon Festival in an ancient town brimming with traditional Chinese culture?

Shanxi Province is considered “the museum of ancient Chinese architecture”. This province contains more than 70% of the old buildings constructed during or before the Song Dynasty (960-1279), such as the Yingxian Wooden Tower, which was built over 900 years ago. There you will also find the Yungang Grottoes, Mount Hengshan (one of China’s Five Great Mountains), the ancient city of Pingyao, many Shanxi Grand Compounds, and an amazing view of the Loess Plateau. The Ancient City of Pingyao is a well-preserved ancient town which was particularly prosperous during the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911) dynasties. The Shanxi Grand Compounds act as fantastic examples of the artistry of northern Chinese architecture. And the stunning view of the Loess Plateau is something unique to Shanxi Province. (Read more about Shanxi)

The main activities of the tour:

  1. To visit the Hanging Temple, the Yungang Grottoes, the Yingxian Wooden Tower, and other historical attractions in Shanxi Province;shanxi attractions
  2. To enjoy the splendid scenery on the Loess Plateau and Mount Hengshan;shanxi land view
  3. To visit some of the most famous Shanxi Grand Compounds;Qiao's family compund02
  4. To learn about the history of the Jin Merchants (merchants from Shanxi);shanxi grand compounds
  5. To stay in an ancient Courtyard House;pingyao hotel 02
  6. To experience the festival atmosphere in an ancient town;first moon festival pingyao
  7. To try various kinds of local food made from flour.shanxi cuisine


The Location of Shanxi in China:

shanxi location

More information about the tour:

Highlights of the Tour




9th of Feb to the 15th of Feb 2017

Final Deadline for Subscription: 8th of Jan 2017

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Please Note: You can choose to stick to this tour entirely, or you can just incorporate it into your wider plans to travel across China. We can provide you with information and help you with any other travel plans you may have if you need us to. We also provide a hotel booking service and a flight or train booking service for all of our members’ traveling in China outside of the 10 designated days of the tour. We will also provide a consultancy service for you, which will help you to plan your journey across China and give you useful tips on traveling in China.


We hope that you will have a wonderful time traveling with us!

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