B2B Travel Design

One of the services we provide is to design custom travel packages for any tour operators who want to market a different kind of tour in Asia, especially in China.

There are a variety of fantastic attractions in Asia and we all known that competition in the tourist industry is extremely fierce.  To attract more tourists, you need a tour that is both attractive and unique.

Our specialist team is made up of three people who are all from different parts of Asia. They not only have an in-depth knowledge of Asian culture and tourist attractions, but they also have plenty of experience travelling throughout Asia. Our database has extensive information about local laws, local weather, the number of visitors in every year, and all other necessary information needed to make a successful travel package.

We always recommend that our customers rise above the other travel agencies and pioneer their own, unique travel packages. As a professional travel designer, we will of course take into consideration all aspects of developing a new travel package, including marketing costs and potential obstacles.

Now the facilities in Asia are improving, more and more people are desperate to travel there. Why not take advantage of Asia’s growing popularity? Contact us today and find out just how our travel packages could benefit you.