Marketing & Consultancy Services

If you:

  • Want to open up a new travel package in Asia;
  • Want to improve the travel packages that you are already running in Asia;
  • Are having problems with your current travel packages in Asia;
  • Want guidance on how to run a tour agency in Asia;

Then we are here to help you!

On top of our in-depth knowledge of Asian culture and our extensive experience travelling in Asia, all of our team members have marketing related degrees. We know exactly how to market a travel package to precisely the right demographic. We know which attractions to include and how to maximize their potential so that each stop on one of our tours’ looks more exceptional than the last. We know what tourists want and expect from a tour in Asia and, most importantly, we want to help you give your customers exactly what they want.

What’s more, as Asian nationals we can also help you establish useful contacts and connections in Asia, including contacts in important official departments that police the tourist industry, so that you can start your own business in Asia or choose the best local travel agency to partner up with.