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Do you want to embark on a unique tour of Asia? Do you want to explore some of the fascinating cultures in the Far East? Or do you want to push yourself to the limit on an adventure tour that has no equal? Please follow us on a mystical journey across some of the most mysterious countries in the world. We design group tours around the culture of a specific place rather than around standard tourist attractions.

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Explore the Silk Road in China

Tours in 2019: 21st of Dec – 3rd of Jan (2020)

Tours in 2020: 4th of Jul-17th of Jul /  19th of Dec-1st of Jan (2021)

The legendary Silk Road is living proof that the path to adventure is almost always a long one, but is wrought with exciting surprises.

This tour begins at the very source of the Silk Road, starting in Xi’an and ending in Ürümqi. From towering mountains to the sandy expanse of the Gobi Desert, we’ll cover all kinds of exotic terrain.

Along the way, we’ll track the progress of Buddhism and Islam’s historic entry into northwestern China through the development of Buddhist grottoes and Islamic architecture. We’ll focus not only on the historical importance of the Silk Road, but also the role it played in transforming China into an ethnically diverse nation. Join us as we uncover the true depth of the Silk Road and its impact. [find more]

Explore the Ancient Fortresses of Southeast China

Tour in 2019:  17th of Nov – 30th of Nov

Tour in 2020: 4th of Apr – 17th of Apr / 15th of Nov – 28th of Nov

Our unforgettable tour will allow you to engage with the unique Hakka and Hoklo culture and explore a whole new side of China! 

Nestled deep within the mountainous countryside of Guangdong province and Fujian province are two distinct yet equally special types of fortresses – the unique Earthen Structure and the “Clock Tower”, where ancient people would seek refuge during wartime and hide from roving bandits.

On this incredible tour, we’ll be exploring the homeland of the local Hakka and Hoklo people in order to discover how they’ve preserved their venerable traditions and how Western culture has been influencing these areas since the 19th century. [find more]

Explore Ethnic Minority Culture in the Hidden Villages of Guizhou Province

Tour in 2020: 17th of Apr – 30th of Apr / 4th of Sep – 17th of Sep

Our epic adventure tour places you right at a region in China so remote that its natural beauty has remained virtually untouched.

We’ll venture deep into the countryside and encounter people whose ancient folk customs date back over hundreds of years.

During this tour, we will have the chance to engage with communities from the Dong, Miao, Gejia, and Yao people. We’ll also have the unique opportunity to visit an ancient village where people from the Han ethnic majority continue to practice customs and wear traditional dress that dates back to the Ming Dynasty!

You’ll get to witness folk performances, marvel at ancient styles of opera, relax at one of the Yao peoples’ medicinal spas, learn how rice wine is traditionally made, craft paper from mulberry tree bark, and make tea the old-fashioned way at a green tea plantation. [find more]

Explore the Wild Great Wall on Foot

Route one⇒From the Beginning to the Capital: Shanhai Pass to Beijing

Tours in 2020:

4th of Jul – 13th of Jul / 18th of Jul – 27th of Jul / 1st of Aug – 10th of Aug / 15th of Aug – 24th of Aug

Face the ultimate hiking challenge along the Wild Great Wall!

Let’s start from the very beginning of the Great Wall in the east! We will hike along 7 portions of the Great Wall from the sea side to the edge of Beijing. [find more]

Route two⇒The must-see sections of the Great Wall around Beijing

Tours in 2019: 27th of Oct – 5th of Nov

Tours in 2020: 10th of Apr – 19th of Apr /  10th of Oct – 19th of Oct

We have selected four parts of the Great Wall to show you what the real Great Wall looks like. The plan both includes sections of the Great Wall that are in their original condition and haven’t undergone any maintenance, and also some sections that have been repaired but not to the same extent as the crowded tourist attraction known as the Badaling section.

Alongside hiking the wild sections of the Great Wall, the tour also includes two Tai Chi lessons, which will help refresh your body after the long days of hiking and offer an introduction to this ancient Chinese martial art. [find more]

Explore Traditional Culture in Picturesque Ancient Villages

Tour in 2019: 12th of October – 26th of October   [Sold out]

Tour in 2020: 17th of October – 31st of October

This tour is specifically tailored to suit lovers of Chinese art, architecture, and history.

We’ll embark on a journey across the eastern Chinese countryside in order to visit some of the most picturesque ancient villages in the country, including those that are located in the historic region of Huizhou. Our journey will culminate in a visit to Jingdezhen, which is regarded as the porcelain capital of China and is the birthplace of the famous blue-and-white porcelain of the Ming Dynasty. [find more]

Explore Chinese Culture through the Ages

Tour in 2019: 10th of Nov – 24th of Nov 

Tour in 2020:  1st of Nov – 15th of Nov

From Dynasties to the Digital Age: Experience China’s Changing Culture on a Tour of its most Celebrated Landmarks 

It is impossible to see all of the stunning attractions that China has to offer in one trip, but a well-designed tour will afford you the opportunity to discover many of its most celebrated landmarksand follow the fascinating historical timeline that has led to China as we know it today. join us on our tour, where we’ll discover how Chinese culture adapted from imperial times right through to the modern day. And we’ll tackle a couple of the country’s most scenic mountains while we’re at it! [find more]

Explore the “Good Earth” in Northwest China

Tour in 2020: 18th of Jul – 28th of Jul /  29th of Aug – 8th of Sep

Venture across lush grasslands, conquer hostile deserts, wander through the alien Loess Plateau, and marvel at some of the most beautiful landscapes northwestern China has to offer.

Witness the thundering sands atop the world’s highest stationary sand dunes;

Cross the Yellow River on a traditional sheepskin raft;

Bask in the eerie silence of ancient villages on the Loess Plateau;

Gallop across the endless grasslands on horseback. [find more]

Explore the Ancient Tradition of Tai Chi

Tour in 2020: 18th of Sep – 28th of Sep

For all of you who have always dreamed of uncovering the mystery behind the ancient Chinese martial art known as Tai Chi, this is the tour for you.

On this 11-day tour, you will have the unmissable opportunity to study Tai Chi for 5 days and learn all 24 moves of Yang-style Tai Chi. Not only will you learn the full pattern of Yang-style Tai Chi, you will also learn the practical application of Tai Chi for self-defense.

When we’re not training, we’ll take the time to hike mountains and visit grottoes and temples. [find more]