Chinese Culture through the Ages

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From Dynasties to the Digital Age: Experience China’s Changing Culture on a Tour of its most Celebrated Landmarks 

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It is impossible to see all of the stunning attractions that China has to offer in one trip, but a well-designed tour will afford you the opportunity to discover many of its most celebrated landmarks and follow the fascinating historical timeline that has led to China as we know it today.

The culture of the Han ethnic majority originated from Central China and currently plays a dominate role in Chinese communities throughout the world. Yet it is towards the north that we will turn our attention, to the home of Beijing and Xi’an, which are considered the two most important capital cities in Chinese history. Some of the most successful dynasties made these cities their base, and they subsequently flourished as hubs of Chinese culture. Ancient history carries forward to the modern-day, as Beijing remains China’s capital and centre of culture.

Similarly Nanjing was not only one of China’s ancient capitals, but also served as the capital of the Republic of China, as evidenced by the Presidential Palace. However capital cities aren’t the only thing on the agenda, as we’ll also visit two areas that were integral to the development and success of China’s culture and economy; Shanxi and Huizhou. After all, you can’t have a capital without capital! Bringing our tour right up to the modern day, we’ll also be visiting Shanghai, a city in China synonymous with technology, fashion, and keeping ahead of the curve. So join us on our tour, where we’ll discover how Chinese culture adapted from imperial times right through to the modern day. And we’ll tackle a couple of the country’s most scenic mountains while we’re at it!

During our tour, we will:

  1. Explore the old part of Beijing, the old part of Xi’an, the city of Nanjing, and Shanghai. This adventure will take us from imperial palaces to the contemporary presidential palace, from ancient Xi’an to modern Shanghai. We’ll even make a stop at Pingyao Old Town, which features stunning architecture that was built during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) and has been beautifully preserved;pingyao old town
  2. Visit a few of the Shanxi Grand Compounds, which were built by wealthy merchants during Shanxi’s prosperous periods;wang's family compound
  3. Compare the mansions built by Shanxi merchants with those built by Huizhou merchants;shanxi anhui architecture
  4. Uncover the myth behind the Bagua village of Chengkan;chengkan village
  5. Marvel at the Forbidden City and the legendary Terracotta Army;forbidden palace panoramic
  6. Challenge two of the tallest and most beautiful mountains in China: Mount Hua and Mount Huang;mount hua &mount huang
  7. Hike along a portion of the magnificent Great Wall;Mutianyu GreatWall
  8. Enjoy stunning views of the Loess Plateau and the mountainous landscape that surrounds Mount Huang;shanxi & huizhou
  9. Experience the modern-day China in Shanghaishanghai01
  10. Sample traditional Beijing-style, Shaanxi-style, Anhui-style, and Jiangsu-style cuisine;
  11. chinese foodLearn about the history of China, particularly with reference to the histories of Shanxi and Huizhou;Hui Ancestral Hall
  12. Experience what it’s like to live in traditional Chinese dwellings, such as Shanxi Courtyard Houses and Hui-style mansions.pingyao hotel

The Route for Our Trip:

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More information about the tour:

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Dates: 1st of April to the 15th of April 2018

Final Deadline for Subscription: 20th of Feb 2018

Although these dates are for the group tours, we can also customise any of our tours according to the dates you prefer. The dates shown are simply a suggestion to give you an idea of the tour’s length and to reflect how much notice we need before booking you on your tour of choice. Tour dates can easily be adjusted depending on your personal preferences and needs.

Please Note: You can choose to stick to this tour entirely, or you can just incorporate it as part of your wider plans to travel across China. We can provide you with information and help you with any other travel plans you may have if you need us to. We also provide a hotel booking service and a flight or train booking service for all of our members’ traveling in China outside of the 15 designated days of the tour. We will also provide a consultancy service for you, which will help you to plan your journey across China and give you useful tips on traveling in China.

We hope that you will have a wonderful time traveling with us! 

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