The Chinese Zodiac – The Dog

The penultimate place along the Chinese zodiac brings us to man’s best friend: the goofy and loveable Dog. During the Jade Emperor’s great river race to determine the animals of the Chinese zodiac, the Emperor was greatly puzzled when the Dog arrived in eleventh place. After all, the Dog was one of the strongest swimmers in the animal kingdom. It turned out, after seeing that the waters of the river were so clean, the simple Dog had decided to stop and take a bath first! Thus it became the eleventh animal in the Chinese zodiac.

Years of the Dog

If you were born in the year 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, or 2030 then you belong to the sign of the Dog. It’s important to note that the Chinese zodiac follows the Chinese lunar calendar, which begins in late-January or early-February. For example, Chinese New Year fell on February 2nd in 1946, so anyone born before that date actually belongs to the Year of the Rooster and not the Year of the Dog. You might not be as cute or cuddly, but you just inherited a mean set of spurs!

Lucky Signs and Symbols

Those born in the Year of the Dog should be wary of the numbers 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, and 9. Three, four, and nine are a sign of prosperity, but one, six, and seven are sure to bring you woe! Your lucky colours are green, red, and purple, while you should avoid blue, white, and gold at all costs.

Characteristics of the Dog

The Dog may not be the brightest spark, but its plucky and kind-hearted nature more than make up for its lack of smarts! Those born under the sign of the Dog are said to be loyal, brave, responsible, enthusiastic, honest, decisive, amicable, easy-going, hard-working, compassionate, and selfless. They prize their family and friends above all others, and will go to the ends of the earth for those they love.

Unfortunately, it is the Dog’s unflinching desire to assist others that often causes it so many problems. Since they are unwaveringly good by nature, they cannot understand why anyone would want to deceive others and, when they are betrayed or hurt, it can deeply traumatise them. They are sensitive and emotional individuals, who can become easily pessimistic or taciturn if they are mistreated.

Romantic Compatibility

The Dog’s trusting nature means that they must embark on romantic ventures with care, so that they find a partner who won’t abuse their kindness or take advantage of them. The Dog should ideally look for love with the Rabbit alone, but they can form compatible matches with the Rat, the Tiger, the Monkey, and the Pig. Romantic encounters with the Ox, the Snake, the Horse, and other Dogs will be distinctly average, while those with the Dragon, the Sheep, and the Rooster are certain to end in heartbreak.   

Job Prospects

With their devoted character and helpful nature, those born under the sign of the Dog are well-suited for careers that involve serving the public, including the police force, the fire department, the military, counselling, teaching, law, science, interior design, and civil services.    

How to Manage Your Relationship with the Dog

When it comes to forging any kind of relationship with the Dog, it is important to remember how sensitive and loyal they are by nature. They would rather suffer than make trouble for others, and they will never do anything that they perceive to be immoral. This means that, as long as you remain true to them, the Dog will make the ideal close friend or romantic partner.

When it comes to friendships, the Dog can initially seem conservative and cautious, as they put a lot of effort into getting to know people during first encounters. Once they have established a close friendship, however, they will be unwaveringly reliable and steadfast. Those born under the sign of the Dog are similarly careful when it comes to romantic relationships and do not fall in love easily. Though their love is hard to earn, it is deeper and purer than you could possibly imagine. In short, much like their animal counterparts, those born in the Year of the Dog will be faithful to those they love to the bitter end. 

The Elemental Cycle

As we mentioned in our introductory article, the 12-year animal cycle is part of a much wider 60-year elemental cycle, meaning that each year of the zodiac is also assigned an element. People born in 1934 or 1994 belong to the Year of the Wood Dog, meaning they are sincere, reliable, considerate, understanding, and patient. The Fire Dogs, who were born in 1946 and 2006, are known for being intelligent, diligent, and truthful.

Anyone born in 1958 is an Earth Dog, making them communicative, markedly serious, and particularly responsible in their careers. Those born in 1970 or 2030 are Metal Dogs, who are conservative, physically attractive, cautious, and always ready to help others. Finally, the Water Dogs of 1922 and 1982 are exceptionally brave and meticulous with their finances, but can come across as egotistical and selfish. 

So, if you’re going through a bad patch, always remember: every Dog has his day!