The Chinese Zodiac – The Monkey

From the mundaneness of the farm to the lofty heights of the tropical canopy, we’re moving from the Sheep to the ninth animal in the Chinese zodiac: the chirpy and mischievous Monkey. While most of the animals in the zodiac earned their position on their own, the Monkey struck up an unlikely bargain between the Sheep and the Rooster!

During the Jade Emperor’s great race, the Monkey and the Rooster both rode on the Sheep’s back while it swam across the river. The Monkey cleared away any reeds in their path with its hands, and the Rooster kept time with its mighty voice. When they reached the finish line, they came to a diplomatic arrangement: the Sheep would be eighth, since it did most of the work; the Monkey would be ninth, as it did more work than the Rooster; and the Rooster graciously accepted tenth place.  

Years of the Monkey

If you were born in the year 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016, or 2028 then you belong to the sign of the Monkey. It’s important to note that the Chinese zodiac follows the Chinese lunar calendar, which begins in late-January or early-February. For example, Chinese New Year fell on February 8th in 2016, so anyone born before that date actually belongs to the Year of the Sheep and not the Year of the Monkey. In short, you’ve just fallen out of the trees and into the fields!

Lucky Signs and Symbols

If you were born in the Year of the Monkey, be wary of the numbers 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, and 9. Three, seven, and nine will bring tidings of joy, but two, five, and eight are sure to ruin your day! Your lucky colours are white, blue, and gold, while red, black, grey, and dark coffee act as bad omens.

Characteristics of the Monkey

If you happen to be a cheeky Monkey, then you’re blessed with the ability to charm others and learn new skills quickly. Those born under the sign of the Monkey are said to be intensely clever, curious, enthusiastic, self-assured, innovative, quick-witted, versatile, gentle, honest, and creative. 

Even with all of their talents, Monkey people are often plagued by their own crafty nature. They are masters of practical jokes, which will win some friends and lose others. Their eccentricity means that some people regard them with suspicion, finding them restless, sly, and overly inquisitive. With such a high level of intelligence, they are prone to arrogance, selfishness, and jealousy.

Romantic Compatibility

When it comes to romance, the Monkey can be easily bored and predisposed to promiscuity, meaning they are often regarded as heart-breakers. While they will struggle to commit to the Tiger and the Pig, they’ll form a long-lasting partnership with the Ox and the Rabbit. They can form reasonably complementary matches with the Rat, the Dragon, the Sheep, and the Dog, while relationships with the Horse and the Rooster will be purely average. When it comes to the Snake and other Monkeys, they will forge strong friendships, but shouldn’t venture further than that.  

Job Prospects

The Monkey’s hard-working nature, innate intelligence, and adaptability means they are well-suited for careers in accounting, banking, stock market trading, engineering, science, film, and sales.

How to Manage Your Relationship with the Monkey

Anyone looking to forge a friendship or romantic relationship with the Monkey should be both patient and cautious, as they are not quick to settle down. Since they are known for being promiscuous and become quickly bored, it is highly likely that your romantic relationship with the Monkey will end swiftly and painfully.

Once Monkeys do find the perfect partner and decide to commit, however, they will be dedicated to that person for life and will never stray. Those born under the sign of the Monkey are highly sociable and can effortlessly make conversation, meaning they are easy to befriend and relate to.

The Elemental Cycle

As we mentioned in our introductory article, the 12-year animal cycle is part of a much wider 60-year elemental cycle, meaning that each year of the zodiac is also assigned an element. People born in 1944 or 2004 belong to the Year of the Wood Monkey, meaning they are compassionate, self-confident, and always willing to help others, although they can be quite stubborn. The Fire Monkeys, who were born in 1956 and 2016, are known for being especially ambitious and adventurous, but have a short-tempered nature.

Anyone born in 1968 or 2028 is an Earth Monkey, making them frank, optimistic, and fearless. Those born in 1920 or 1980 are Metal Monkeys, who are particularly clever, quick-witted, and confident, but can also be irritable and obstinate. Finally, the Water Monkeys of 1932 and 1992 are smart, witty, and fond of being in the limelight, which in turn can make them markedly conceited. 

So the next time someone tells you to stop monkeying around, just let them know that it’s in your nature!