Traditional Shanxi Dough Cuisine

Because of the almost barren fields and frequent droughts, farmers in Shanxi Province choose wheat, sorghum and oats as their main crops. Thus people from Shanxi are very good at cooking flour-based dishes. They have countless ways of just making noodles, let alone other delicious, staple foods.

Shanxi cut noodles 01

Willow-leaf shaped noodles that are cut into shape using a knife and mixed with different fried vegetables or flavoured pastes.


shanxi cuisine kaolaolao

Kaolaolao are made from oats and are usually eaten with vinegar and a spicy type of sauce.


sorghum fish SHANXI

Sorghum flour is used to make dough that is then shaped to look like fish. These sorghum “fishes” are then steamed and, once they are cooked through, they are ready to eat. They are normally eaten with vinegar sauce or sometimes they are fried with lamb and vegetables.

cat ears SHANXI FOOD

They are made from wheat flour and are shaped to look like cats’ ears. These “cat ears” are then either fried with meat and vegetables or sometimes cooked in a soup.


steamed bread

This type of bread is made for festivals and some other special days. It is usually shaped to look like various animals and is used to send good wishes to others.Bottom of Form


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